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Ideal for family gatherings, at parties or on holiday: With the face recognition function, you can set "preferences" for certain people when taking a photo. The function can save up to 6 faces. Once recognized, these faces are given priority in the photo and brought into focus optimally.
Step 1: Record faces Step 3: Take photos with face recognition

Step 1:

Record faces

In order to use the family priority mode, the face data of the person to be given priority must first be registered.


Select a recording mode.
Press several times.
With and , select " Record family" and press [SET].
Point the camera directly at the person whose face you wish to record, position the face in the frame on the display and press the release button.
When the message "Face recognition successful!" appears, press [SET].
The face data is then saved and the camera returns to the photo function screen.
  • To record the face data again, select "Cancel" with and .
  • The face-recognition function is deactivated automatically in BEST SHOT-Mode.
  • The camera can save sets of data for up to six faces.
  • The face data is saved in the "FAMILY" file in the integrated memory of the camera. If the data in the "FAMILY" file is manipulated, it can cause the camera to no longer work properly. Do no delete or edit data in the "FAMILY" file.
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