Tips & Tricks


With the intelligent technology of the EXILIM Engine 3.0 in the new EXILIM cameras, the lighting function allows you to take amazing photos even in unfavourable lighting conditions. In a scene with backlight, for example, you can optimize the brightness of the faces automatically simply by pressing the release button. Even the sky or buildings in the background that are subject to overexposure are rendered in full colour.


In picture mode, press [MENU].
Press and in the control panel to select the register "Quality".
Press and to select the setting "Lighting" and press .
Press and to select the desired setting.
  • Now you can optimize the balance between light and dark areas when taking pictures.
•  Extra: applies a higher level of brightness correction than the setting "On". When this option is selected it takes longer for the picture to be saved after the release button is pressed.
•  On: brightness correction is carried out.
•  Off: no brightness correction is carried out.
•  Also of interest: you can also optimize the balance between the light and dark areas in pictures which have already been taken.

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