An instant: In only approx. 1.6 second, your camera is ready too shoot with one click. While other
cameras are still extending their lenses, you are already making the best snap shots thanks to DIRECT ON and Quick Start-up. Another practical aspect: DIRECT ON-Play. A quick click immediately displays the image preview.
More about this feature in the interactive show.
How fast is really fast? The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z50 has a shutter speed of 0.01 second after succesful focussing. Which means there is little that is fast enough to escape you!
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Automatic: Changing between the normal focus and the macro range is really fast - with the Auto Macro function. The macro region, i.e. the close-up region of the EX-Z50, comprises distances between 6cm and 50cm. Before each photo, the camera measures the distance to the motif and automatically sets the right focal range. Every picture is thus crystal-clear, even close up to important details.
Search and find: To look for a particular picture or a video recording can sometimes take a while, especially if you
have saved hundreds of recordings. The Speed-Up mode saves you time when searching: It "browses" through ten pictures per second, which corresponds to a screen change of only 0.1 second.
Keep at it: For fast-moving motives, the autofocus of the camera must be set anew again and again. That takes time and can cause delay when you click on the button. Therefore, the Auto Pan-Focus switches off the Autofocus, if the release button is immediately pushed through completely. There is now just 0.01 seconds between the click of the release button and the beginning of the taking of the picture.
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