Good settings: BEST SHOT functions are practically pre-settings for different motifs and lighting conditions. The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z50 offers 23 BEST SHOT modes. You can also create, store and call up your own modes with BEST SHOT at any time. New: 2 integrated Business Shot programs for distortion-free reproduction of business cards and projection charts.
Business Card   Projection   Pre-Shot
Easy focus even with gaps: Multi-AF selects the closest of seven focus points. This is useful when there's a gap between two people. Because of the gap, a normal automatic focus would focus on the background and not on the people. But multifocus finds the point nearest to the camera so that your subject is sharp, not the background.
Diary: The calendar function offers a new way to store your photos. For each day that you have taken a picture, a photo is displayed as an example. In this way you can find pictures more easily or you can make a photo diary. At a glance you can see parts of what you experienced on vacation on that particular day.
Questions about operation? The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z50 practically explains itself. Icon Help generates tiny, helpful inserts in the camera display, which in case of doubt explain the right meaning in the display.
New perspectives: With Picture Reversal, you turn your pictures with a press of the button simply upside down, if you want to show it to others.
Think different: Pictures that have been taken vertically can manually be rotated 90 degrees and at the same time be saved in landscape format. Now you don't have to turn your camera, nor your head in order to view your pictures.
No computer needed: you can connect the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z50 directly to various printers and have your pictures in your hand shortly afterwards printed on photo paper. USB Direct Print ist the standard EPSON printer. PictBridge connects your camera to different manufacturers' printers. Preset paper sizes help to select the right format.
You will find detailed information on Direct Printing now in the Special.
Custom-made: With Re-Size/Trimming you can change the size of the picture already in the camera and sections of a picture can be saved as its own shot. In this way, you can for example cut out only the face of a person and have it printed as a photo without using a computer or complicated software.
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