It doesn't miss a thing: The ultra high-resolution CCD-Chip the EXILIM Pro gives you 6 million effective pixels and 6.37 million total pixels. For professionals and ambitious photographers, it exceeds today's average standards. High resolution pictures with up to 2816 x 2112 pixels can be enlarged to a format of up to DIN A3 without losing any sharpness or clearness.
Reference photos:
2816 x 2112 Pixels
File size: 2,87 MB
  2816 x 2112 Pixels
File size: 2,81 MB
Short paths:
In a digital camera, just as in a computer, there is a processor. It is connected to other electronical components, such as a buffer memory. With the Stack-MCM technology, CASIO has found a way to construct these important components in an extremely flat design and to "stack" them on top of each other on a chip. For the first time, with the EXILIM Pro, CASIO presents such a chip with four layers of complete high tech. In this way space and energy are saved for more professional features and reliable battery power.
More light: Especially when taking professional pictures, photographers often have to work under difficult lighting conditions: During concerts, fashion shows or simply at night. The EXILIM Pro therefore has a CANON lens with a large diameter, thus allowing for optimum translucence. This means less loss of light on the way to the CCD-Chip, also when using the 4x optical lens: Focal distance 7.1-28.4mm (corresponds to 33-132 mm of a 35 mm miniature camera); Intensity of light 1:2.8-4.0.
Extreme Power: Especially for professional photographers, the power supply of a camera has to be reliable. The EXILIM Pro operates using less energy and has a new extremely powerful Super Life battery. With so much power, the camera is ready at that decisive moment and takes up to 260 shots nonstop. (according to CIPA Standard)
Eye witness: Many Digital Cameras limit the video recording to 60 seconds. There is no time limit set for the EXILIM Pro. For example, 6 minutes and 40 seconds of outstanding recording set to sound fits in an empty 128 MB memory card - irreplaceable, if you need to document something more than photos.
Another league: Pictures are normally saved by digital cameras as JPEG, a format that compresses picture information in order to save memory space. With the EXILIM Pro you can also save your pictures as TIFF, the uncompressed picture format normally used by professionals.
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