When you shoot films with your EX-P505, these are saved in a high resolution and with stereo sound. Thanks to MPEG-4, this quality fits onto a tiny memory card - to ensure long-lasting enjoyable film viewing for you. All films are recorded with 30 pictures a second and in VGA resolution. - View an example in original size
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The length of your recordings is only limited by your SD card.
More about SD cards ...
So that you lose no detail: the quality lens of the EXILIM Pro EX-P505 allows 5x optical zoom. For high-resolution movies which are simply closer to the motif.
Getting even closer: it is often the details that contain that extra special something that makes a good photo a great photo. Whether you're looking at a pinhead or a stamp collection, you can film everything with the Super Macro to fill up the entire space available, and discover completely new aspects of your motifs in the process.

Even when taking photos: get closer with Super Macro ... more
The black case for the EXILIM Pro EX-P505 cannot fail to impress with its solid handle, ruggedness and elegant appearance. It is manufactured using only quality materials.
In the EX-P505 lurks the power of the high-performance SUPER LIFE-battery. So it is ready to shoot in that decisive moment - with power for up to 220 photos* or about 120 minutes of recording.
*(as per CIPA Standard)
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